Wine Live Label

Wine Live Label
Innovative Augmented Reality Applications in Wine Product Labeling

Innovative Applications of Augmented Reality in the Labeling of Wine Products (WineLiveLabel) with scientific supervisor Professor George Lappas in the framework of the National Range Action “Research-Create-Innovate” of the E.P. “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EPANEK 2014-2020)”.

Augmented reality (AR) technologies are constantly gaining ground today in various fields of communication and marketing and this proposal focuses on the food and beverage sector and specifically on wine for the promotion of wine products using AR technologies in its marking.

In the wine market, traditional marketing methods tend to be replaced by new methods that rely, among other things, on providing excellent experiences. Consumption of wine products is directly related to a multi-sensory experience based on the imagination but also on the emotions that the consumer experiences when he comes in contact with the product and concerns all the buying stages, before, during and after the purchase and results from the customer’s interaction with all points of contact and communication channels with the product.

The Partners

The Department of Communication and Digital Media and the Laboratory of Digital Media and Strategic Communication have all the necessary equipment and scientific potential for the implementation of the proposal. The company “AFOI CH. NAKOU SA” produces quality wines of Certified Geographical Indication and has a Certificate of Wine produced from Organic agriculture grapes.The company ARGO OE has extensive experience in the promotion of products and specifically Agri-food products, developing networks nationally and internationally, participating in international exhibitions and B2B meetings and organizing gastronomy and tasting activities.

The multimedia content that will be created will consist of:
 • Videos that will record the processes followed by the company for wine production (harvesting, crushing and pressure, fermentation, clarification, maturation and bottling, distribution)
 • Videos that will record the infrastructure and will make an acquaintance with the human resources
 • Digital Narratives. Stories about wine products in the form of video or animation
 • Information in the form of text (ingredients, calories, storage temperature, etc.)
 • Short animations (2D 3D) which will enliven the labels of the bottles and will mainly aim to impress the consumer.
• Interactive videos that will incorporate in their content and flow playful interactive elements such as knowledge tests etc.

For labels, the goal is to use the existing labels (and packaging) of the company’s products and to make suggestions and implement new experimental designs that will work best with augmented reality application and the multimedia content that will accompany the application. The possibility of creating 3D and 360o videos and their integration in the content of the application will also be explored in order to create more vivid experiences through the immersion of the user in the video content. In the final stage, there will be an evaluation of the standard application of Live Label through research that will thoroughly investigate consumer attitudes. For this step, questionnaires and interviews with consumers-users of the application will be used, as well as other methods such as observation (or video-recording) of users while using the application. Interim and final results will be disseminated throughout the project.

Live Wine Label: Conference for disseminating research results

The scientific day of dissemination of the research results of the project: "Live Wine Label: Innovative Applications of Augmented Reality in the Labeling of Wine Products" was held...